Upcoming Appearances

Ensemble Musica Humana
Boismortier: Les Quatre Saisons

September 29
Amherst, MA

Boismortier's 1724 cycle of cantatas Les Quatre Saisons, will headline Ensemble Musica Humana's 'Early Music Day' in Western Massachusetts.

Bucknell University
Bach@Bucknell Festival

October 19, 12 noon
Octeober 20, 7:30pm
Lewisburg, PA

Recital and concert performances connected with Bucknell's Bach festival.

Polyphemus Salon Series
Robbie Burns Night

January 25, 7:30pm

A celebration of the birthday of Robbie Burns, one of Scotland's finest poets. Featuring ballads, shanties, fiddle tunes and sonatas from the Scottish Baroque. Scotch punch and small bites included. Ticket info coming soon.

Polyphemus Solo Series 
Vienna: The meeting of Frescobaldi & Lully

February 3, 7:30pm

Dylan Sauerwald, harpsichord

This program will explore the clashing influences of France and Italy in Vienna in the late 1600s. While those influences were felt everywhere, nowhere were can they be seen more starkly than Vienna. Two gifted composers epitomized the respective styles: Johann Kaspar Kerll, who had been a student of Girolamo Frescobaldi, and Georg Muffat, recently returned from study with Jean-Baptiste Lully.

Polyphemus Solo Series
Rome at the dawn of the Baroque

April 14, 7:30pm

Dylan Sauerwald, harpsichord

Widely considered the father of baroque keyboard music, Girolamo Frescobaldi's own musical heritage is seldom explored in performance. This program is dedicated to early Roman keyboard music, and the fantastic journey from the elegant, courtly songs of the renaissance to the wild, dynamic toccata style that inspired the stylus fantasticus.

Polyphemus Solo Series
Leipzig from Kuhnau to Bach

June 9, 7:30pm

Dylan Sauerwald, harpsichord

Johann Sebastian Bach is here juxtaposed with his predecessor in Leipzig Johann Kuhnau, to better understand the city's musical culture and Bach's later keyboard works. Unlike many great composers of the baroque, Bach and Kuhnau were primarily teachers. Their works needed to do more than please a prince; they needed to both thrill and instruct, delight and enlighten.